Professional Housekeeper

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Professional house manager in Plovdiv

What is a professional house manager ?

The professional house manager organizes life in the condominium, according to the Condominium Management Act, the Rules of Internal Order and other regulations.

Why do we need a professional house manager?

Imagine a more relaxed life where the management of the entrance and common areas is in safe hands. Imagine how every month your entrance begins to look more beautiful and welcoming. Imagine having to finally get the neighbor to stop repairing at 3:00 PM when you've gone to bed for your afternoon nap. Sounds good right? It's now possible with US!

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Why choose DOMOPOPOV as a professional house manager?

Our rich experience and skill in condominium management gives us the confidence that we can take care of all your problems with ease! With the services we offer, we aim to satisfy all your needs. It is important for us to build trust, as well as honest and stable relationships with our customers.

  • We will improve the collection of monthly fees!

  • We will manage your budget transparently!

  • We will keep accurate records, according to the law!

  • We will organize the repairs in the common areas!

  • We will save time and money!